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The HCIAS Blog – Perspectives on Ibero-America is an interdisciplinary space for knowledge transfer created by the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS) at Heidelberg University, Germany. The multilingual contributions present varied perspectives from the social sciences and the humanities and will examine the social, cultural, and environmental realities of Ibero-America. With the goal of reaching a wide range of audiences, this collaborative project for knowledge transfer features differing voices from established researchers, doctoral students of the HCIAS PhD program, and young researchers.

The HCIAS is a central research institution at Heidelberg University founded in 2019 that takes full advantage of the University’s research and teaching prowess to address interdisciplinary issues concerning Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula as well as regions with which they are historically or socioeconomically linked, such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, North America, and Asia. The HCIAS’ overarching goal is the sustainable establishment of research, teaching, and knowledge transfer on, with, and in Ibero-America and its areas of contact around the guiding theme of “Spaces and Dynamics”.

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Dr. Héctor Álvarez Mella

HCIAS Publications Editor


Marian Orjuela, M.Sc.

HCIAS Publications Coordinator 


David Chapman, B.A.

Student assistant at HCIAS Publications


Contact: publications@hcias.uni-heidelberg.de

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