HCIAS International Winter School Claims_2023

The Heidelberg Center of Ibero-American Studies is excited to announce the upcoming International Winter School, CLAIMS_2023, organized in collaboration with the Max Weber Institute for Sociology and the Heidelberg Center para America Latina in Santiago de Chile. This International Winter School will focus on claims and counterclaims over natural and cultural heritage, providing a unique opportunity for PhD and advanced master’s students to participate in a multi-perspective dialogue on the idea of “Heritage”. Building on the success of last year’s JUNCTURES_2022, CLAIMS_2023 promises to be a rewarding educational experience for all involved.

Heritage as a concept is often used to mediate access to natural and cultural resources. It also has implications for the commodification of nature and culture under capitalism, as well as the appropriation of both natural and cultural spaces for Western modernity. Therefore, it is vital to investigate the ways ideas of heritage are inextricably linked to the unequal power dynamics present in a particular time and place, and understand the ongoing debates about different ways of knowing, valuing, and making use of nature. CLAIMS_2023 aims to explore the contested terrain between states, multinational corporations, NGOs, and local communities in Latin America, a region of immense biological and cultural diversity, and a place where these questions of heritage are of particular significance.

The five-day program of CLAIMS_2023 comprises seven thematic workshops, on topics as diverse as language, food sustainability and the use of Artificial Intelligence for research in the humanities. These lectures will be supplemented by complementary activities, including a tour of Heidelberg’s historic centre and an information session on the possibilities for students who are considering PhD or post-doctoral work. We hope to create a warm and open environment which will foster exchange between participants and help them refine their research proposals.

For the full program please see the CLAIMS_2023 web pages.

In line with its inter-disciplinary nature, CLAIMS_2023 will feature sessions delivered by scholars from the HCIAS, Max Weber Institute for Sociology, Heidelberg Centre for Cultural Heritage, Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, and a guest lecturer from the University of Lancaster in the UK.

You can find more information on the teaching staff on the CLAIMS_2023 web pages.

The HCIAS is interested in staying connected with participants in CLAIMS_2023 even after the winter school finishes. There is a possibility that participants could collaborate with the center on its Working Papers on Ibero-America series. If you are interested in this opportunity to contribue ot the acadmeic study of Ibero-America and enter a dialogue with leading scholars from around the world, please contact the series’ editor Dr. Héctor Álvarez Mella (publications@hcias.uni-heidelberg.de).

If you missed out on the opportunity to apply this time, make sure to follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) to stay up to date on similar events that may be announced in the future. Additionally, we will be providing updates on CLAIMS_2023 as it progresses, so be sure to check regularly for the latest news.

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